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2012 Philmont Training Center Schedule

Posted on 14 October 2011 by admin

Philmont Training Center LogoSince 1950, Philmont Training Center in Cimarron, New Mexico has served as the National Training Center of the Boy Scouts of America.  Each summer, conferences are conducted at “PTC” by the various departments and committees of the BSA national council.  In 2012 there are dozens of exciting conferences to choose from that cover all aspects and programs of Scouting!  You are invited!  Don’t miss the chance to come to PTC next summer. Plus individuals who register by December 31, 2011 will qualify for the early bird registration price!

One of the most unique opportunities of a week at PTC is the chance to enjoy the magic of Philmont with your family.  While you learn the “best methods” of Scouting in your conference, your family members will enjoy hikes into the Philmont backcountry, horseback rides, crafts, games, and so much more!  You’ll also have plenty of opportunities to explore Philmont and the surrounding area together as a family.  This will surely be a Scouting adventure you will never forget.

Besides the normal great Philmont Training Center Sessions, here are the new sessions for 2012:

For more details about Philmont Training Center, visit http://www.philmonttrainingcenter.org/.  To register to attend PTC, log onto your MyScouting account at http://www.myscouting.org/ and then click on the “event registration” tab.

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2009 National Advanced Leadership Experience (NAYLE) Information Available

Posted on 29 December 2008 by Dan

The National Advanced youth Leadership Experience (NAYLE) Website has been updated with information for the 2009 courses.

What is NAYLE?
The National Advanced Youth Leadership Experience (NAYLE) is a course offered by the Philmont Training Center that is based at the Rocky Mountain Scout Camp.

The Course is designed to provide Scouts with a Philmont based wilderness experience that motivates them to follow a life of helping others succeed based on the values of the Scout Oath and Law. Scouts will camp in a patrol setting where they will use leadership skills to overcome exciting and challenging back country situations.

NAYLE will equip youth leaders to be better Troop Leaders, NYLT staff members and/or superior camp staff. It will help guide a Scouts’ journey in leadership service to others, able to develop all members of whichever team they lead. It provides life skills for now and the future.

2009 NAYLE Sessions:
Nayle Session #1: June 14 – June 20, 2009
Nayle Session #2: June 21 – June 27, 2009
Nayle Session #3: June 27 – July 3, 2009
Nayle Session #4: July 4 – July 10, 2009
Nayle Session #5: July 12 – July 18, 2009
Nayle Session #6: July 19 – July 25, 2009
Nayle Session #7: July 26 – August 1, 2009
Nayle Session #8: August 2 – August 8, 2009

Basic Participation Requirements: (See application for complete list)
– Scouts must be 14 but not yet 18.
– Scouts must hold a Troop leadership position.
– Scouts must have completed either NYLT or JLTC.
– Cost for the program is $340. (Does not include transportation)
– Council Scout Executive must approve (sign) your application.

You can learn more or download an application at the National Advanced Youth Leadership Experience (NAYLE) Website.

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An explanation of the New Square Knots

Posted on 06 October 2008 by Dan

The National Council has approved a few new uniform square knots over the past year. It appears not too many folks have seen or heard about them, so here is a run down:

The Doctorate of Commissioner Science Award Square Knot
The Doctorate of Commissioner Science Award Knot is available to any currently active commissioner at any position by completing the attached requirements. Approval is administered by the local council through the council commissioner and the professional advisor to commissioner service. The knot once earned can be purchased through the Supply Group at your local Scout Shop or Council Distributor.

Philmont Training Center Masters Square Knot
This is a three track program. First Track attend Philmont Training Center (PTC) as a participant.

Second track: Take an additional Course at PTC. (and) Recruit 3 people to attend a PTC course. (and) Teach a BSA course in your district, council, area or region. Course and participation in the course must be approved by the council or area chair prior to the course.

Third Track: Serve as a faculty member at PTC or attend a third time as a participant. (and) Recruit 3 people to attend a PTC course. (and) Do one of the following: Coordinate a council, area or regional cluster approved training event and coordinate and staff a promotional booth for the PTC at a council event. (or) Conduct a council “Philmont Family Meeting” to share PTC information and encourage family participation. (or) Teach a training course in a foreign county- Coordinated and approved by the BSA international division.

Completing the the first and second track, you would earn the square knot. By completing thing third track you would earn a PTC square knot device.

NESA Life Membership Square Knot
This new know is for National Eagle Scout Association (NESA) life members. It may be purchased from your local Scout Shop, by showing your NESA Life Member card. If they don’t have them in stock, they can order one for you. The item number is 18092. Only one Eagle Scout Award square knot maybe worn at a time, so this one should replace the Eagle Scout square knot on your uniform if you are a NESA Life Member.

BSA Speaker Bank Square Knot
In order to spread the message of Scouting, the BSA is maintaining a list of speakers to get the word out about Scouting. After a registered speaker conducts a minimum of 20 speeches and provides feedback, the speaker will receive a knot. Knot recipients will receive recognition at the National Annual Meeting. More information can be found at: BSA Speakers Bank

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