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Boy Scouts Gives Joint Task Force Guantanamo 4,000 Pounds of Popcorm

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Boy Scouts Gives Joint Task Force Guantanamo 4,000 Pounds of Popcorm

Posted on 11 January 2010 by admin

Members from Boy Scout Troop 115, part of the Baltimore Area Council, teamed up with Guantanamo Bay’s BST 435 to deliver tins of popcorn to Marines with Marine Corps Security Force Company Guantanamo. This distribution of the confectionary corn snack is the first of many which is intended to reach every service member here at U.S. Naval Station Guantanamo Bay.

Air Force Lt. Col. Denise Boyer, commander of the 474th Expeditionary Civil Engineering Squadron, coordinated much of the effort to get the popcorn down to Guantanamo Bay. Her two sons are scouts in Maryland, and upon seeing the large number of Girl Scout cookies delivered here earlier this year, she wanted to get Boy Scout popcorn here.

“Every year my boys sell Boy Scout popcorn, and one of the options is to make a donation to the Service members,” said Boyer. “Our Boy Scouts distribute at Baltimore Washington International Airport when Service members are coming back from the field. Most service members say they would rather have it in the field than when they come home.”

In order to have the popcorn reach Service members in the field, Boyer arranged transportation for the popcorn with the Office of Military Commissions flights from Andrews Air Force Base.

“I approached the subject of getting stuff down here, and talked with the local service members and to the one back in Baltimore to figure out some way to get some donated popcorn here,” said Boyer. “The Baltimore Area Council approved to send 4,000 to 6,000 pounds of popcorn to Service members stationed at Guantanamo. It is overwhelming to see how much popcorn they were willing to send here.”

Shipments are arriving, and Boyer’s two sons and husband made the trip to distribute the first tins alongside the local service members. The plan for distribution was first to the MCSFCO who work outer security for the naval station.

“The first people we wanted to give to were the Marines at Guantanamo who work the fence line,” said Boyer. “For many of them, this is their first deployment. Sometimes it will be their very first time away from home for Christmas. We wanted to do something special for them.”

Marine Lance Cpl. Aaron Purkiss, a MCSFCO member and Eagle Scout, said he enjoyed the visit from the scouts and the work they are doing.

“Boy Scouts always have that spirit of helping out, doing some service for others and doing what is right,” said Purkiss. “Thank you, Boy Scouts of America. Thank you for coming here and treating us.”

Continued distribution of the popcorn is expected in the coming weeks to reach all Joint Task Force and U.S. Naval Station Guantanamo Bay service members.

For more information about Joint Task Force Guantanamo, visit the Web site at www.jtfgtmo.southcom.mil.

Article by Spc. David Mclean, Joint Task Force Guantanamo Public Affairs

There was also a short video clip that was produced about this story:

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Trails’s End Announces Change in Scout Online Orders Commission

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Trails’s End Announces Change in Scout Online Orders Commission

Posted on 10 December 2009 by Dan

This announcement only effects those orders that individual Scouts get online. This does not effect the Spring or Fall popcorn sale by Units.

Beginning December 26, 2009, the first day of Trail’s End’s 2010 fiscal year, the commission from Trail’s End online sales will change to the following structure:










Scout Rewards






According to information from Trail’s End, the driver behind this change is that in a survey sent to nearly 54,000 Scouts who registered on trails-end.com this fall, an overwhelming majority of the respondents said that the number one reward they want to receive for selling online is to have online commissions pay for their camp and other Scouting fees. This reward was ranked as the number one choice (out of eight rewards listed), far above all gift cards, prizes and other monetary rewards like College Scholarship. Amazon.com, Walmart.com and Target.com gift cards were ranked 2, 3, and 4.

When asked the following question: “Knowing that 70% of your online sales is returned to Scouting, would you be inclined to sell online if 30% of your online sales went to your council in your name, 35% went to your unit in your name, and 5% came to you in an Amazon.com Gift Card once you sold $250 online?” 80% of the 6,903 respondents answered YES, they would sell online given this scenario.

Another obvious benefit is that 35% going back to units will help further engage leaders in online selling and continue to drive more revenue directly back into Scouting.

Trail’s End will be sending an email to all trails-end.com registered users notifying them of this system change.

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Boy Scouts Go Digital, See 700% Increase in Popcorn Sales

Posted on 24 October 2008 by Dan

Hat Tip: BoyandGirlScouts.com – Digital Popcorn Sells Big

LaGarde, a leader in cutting-edge e-commerce solutions for more than 12 years, shows that it always pays to “be prepared,” as their client, Weaver Popcorn, the main supplier for the Boy Scouts of America fundraising initiatives, has seen online popcorn sales rise 700 percent since they began putting the Scouts on the web. To facilitate this, Weaver recently replaced their existing e-commerce solution, with LaGarde’s Phoenix e-commerce system, and then rebuilt the Boy Scout’s fundraising website.

Weaver Popcorn sought a new e-commerce system to meet the ever-changing demands of PCI-compliancy and to make popcorn ordering easier and safer for clients like the Boy Scouts of America. Within one month of Weaver Popcorn rolling out the new Phoenix e-commerce system, the Boy Scouts experienced record sales growth and increased participation in its fundraising program.

“The Phoenix platform has been key in enabling the Boy Scouts to extend their fundraising efforts online,” said Elizabeth Weaver, Marketing Director of OrderPopcorn.com. “The Scouts continue to sell popcorn door-to-door, but also will be able to email potential customers directly from the website.”

LaGarde’s Phoenix platform enables the Boy Scouts to import their contacts from their email software and send a marketing message from the Weaver Popcorn site. Also, while there were previously substantial fundraising periods, potential donors can now go online at any time to reorder. You’ll still see scouts outside your local stores and the familiar knock of a young boy asking you to buy popcorn, but if you know a scout, you may be getting an email as well.

“Streamlining buying processes, extending market reach and generating new revenue opportunity is exactly what our Phoenix solution is all about,” said Bob LaGarde, CEO and Founder of LaGarde. “More and more transaction processes are moving to the web. It’s more economical, more available, provides additional geographical reach and access to new customers. What more can you ask for? With economic conditions being what they are today, companies just can’t afford to not streamline sales processes and seek out new revenue opportunities. We are incredibly pleased that the Phoenix solution is proving to be so successful, and we couldn’t be happier that it’s the Boy Scouts who are benefiting from it,” said LaGarde.

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Popcorn Filled Gondola Raises Awareness of Popcorn Sale

Posted on 14 September 2008 by Dan

The Irving Convention and Visitors Bureau and Gondola Adventures teamed up to support the Boy Scouts of America (BSA), Last Frontier Council (LFC) with a gondola row along the Oklahoma River on Friday, September 12. The gondola expedition is designed to raise awareness as the Boy Scouts start “Show and Sell,” their annual popcorn sales campaign on Saturday, September 13 throughout the Oklahoma City area. Irving chose to support the LFC because the BSA and National Scouting Museum are based in Irving, and Gondola Adventures operates gondolas along the Mandalay Canal in Irving’s Las Colinas.

Irving gondoliers Greg Mohr (a former Eagle Scout) and Chris Harrison started the row at The Chesapeake Boathouse at Regatta Park at 10:00 a.m. on Friday, Sept. 12, in a Venetian-designed, popcorn-filled gondola named “Rosa.” The gondola weighs approximately 1,500 pounds and is 32-feet long. They traveled a route along the river towards Meridian Crossing, and then returned to The Boathouse mid-afternoon. The total row took about four hours and covered approximately 14 miles at an average speed of 3.5 mph. www.gondola.com

From September 13 through October 17, Scouts across the Oklahoma City area will venture into the fun and excitement of popcorn sales. During this period, the average unit will sell $4,400 worth of popcorn. Last year, the LFC total sales were $987,000, and this year’s goal is $1,100,000.

The LFC serves approximately 841 Scout Units throughout Oklahoma City and the 24-county service areas. With more than 32,000 registered youth members and participants, this accounts for almost one-fourth of the total youth available. The many programs keep the Scouts active by providing educational programs to build character, to train in the responsibilities of participating citizenship, and to develop personal fitness. www.lastfrontiercouncil.org

Located between Dallas and Fort Worth, Irving, Texas serves as the national headquarters for the Boy Scouts of America and the adjacent National Scouting Museum. The museum is a tribute to the rich history of Scouting, with hands-on learning experiences and a historical collection that traces the Scouting movement from its beginnings. Irving offers discounts for Scouts and their families at local hotels and attractions. For more information, visit www.irvingtexas.com.

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2007 Trail’s End Popcorn Logo

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Montanans Purchase $1.7 Million Worth of Boy Scout popcorn

Posted on 01 January 2008 by admin

Montana Council has released its sales data for the 2007 Trails End Popcorn Sale. The total gross sales for this year’s Boy Scout popcorn sale were a record $1,768,464. Scouts showed more than a ten percent increase, $164,962, over last year’s sales of $1,603,502.

Top Scout salesman in Montana Council was Jaben Wood, Troop 1933, who sold $15,600 of popcorn. Kerry Ketchum, Montana Council Popcorn Kernel, reports over $80,000 worth of popcorn was purchased by generous Montanans for active duty servicemen and women in Iraq and around the world.

“The popcorn sale is the Boy Scouts’ top unit fundraiser,” says Gordon Rubard, the Montana Council’s Scout Executive. Montana Scouts depend heavily on the proceeds from the sale to help pay for their basic Scouting needs, such as summer camps, leadership courses, and materials for local community service projects. The Montana Boy Scouts thank everyone who supported this year’s popcorn sale!

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