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First Impressions – A Scout Is… Values for a Lifetime

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First Impressions – A Scout Is… Values for a Lifetime

Posted on 26 February 2010 by Dan

After posting the press release about the release of “A Scout Is…”, Author Todd Shaw sent me a few signed copies of his Scouting book “A Scout Is… Values for a Lifetime” to review and give away to Scouting News readers. Unfortunately in my hustle and bustle of returning to civilian life, moving, buying a car, creating tons of camp promotions material for Glacier’s Edge Council, I had forgot all about the box of books. It wasn’t until I was watching the Adventure Base 100 in Tupelo video today and I saw Todd sporting some Elvis sideburns that I remembered I had some reading to do! Sorry Todd! Oh, and nice Elvis sideburns!

First Impressions of A Scout Is…

When I originally heard about “A Scout Is… Values for a Lifetime” I was impressed that the author was taking time to reach out to the Scouting community and include their experiences. I personally find this style of story telling very interesting as its fun to learn how Scouting influenced others lives. I was looking forward to the book being completed.

Now it’s in my hands.  Author Todd Shaw hasn’t let us down. “A Scout Is…” is outlined by chapter dedicating one to each major point of the Scout Law and Oath with a few other important chapters mixed in, such as: “Scouting Works” and “Scout Leaders”. Each chapter of this Scouting Book has some of Todd’s experiences followed by some Scouting stories he has gathered from other Scouts and Scouters, with a couple of quotes from various famous folks as well.

From the back of A Scout Is… Values for a Lifetime:

“Author and Eagle Scout Todd Show explores the influence of Scouting and the principles that are found in the Scout Oath and Law: principles that define why the Boy Scouts of America has had such a huge impact on our society for 100 years.

A Scout Is… includes Shaw’s own stories and those from others who have experienced the Scouting way of life. He says, “My adventures in Scouting were fun, and that was what kept me coming back. At the same time, I learned values that have remained with me for a lifetime.”

Show is a master storyteller. He’ll have you laughing and reflecting as he shares:
– The twelve character traits that can strengthen you throughout life.
– The importance of duty to God and country and of service to others.
– The challenge of passing the values and virtues of Scouting to the next generation.

While I haven’t yet started reading “A Scout Is… Values for a Lifetime“, I can honestly say I look forward to diving into it this weekend!  Not only does it look like a good Scouting read, it looks like it could be a tremendous resource for countless values based Scoutmaster Minutes.

Be sure to check back in, or subscribe via RSS or Email to ensure you catch the full review of “A Scout Is… Values for a Lifetime“.  The final review will also include details on how you can win a signed copy!

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A Scout is…

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Scouting Stories Needed

Posted on 11 June 2009 by admin

A Scout is...“A Scout Is..” by Todd Shaw

Todd Shaw (Eagle Scout class of 1980) is writing a book based on the Scout law and the principles taught in Scouting.

The goal of the book is to encourage Boy Scouts (both young & old) to apply the principles of Scouting to their life. As adult leaders, our life lessons can encourage the next generation of Scouts to remain true to the principles that Scouting teaches.

It will be written in a motivational / inspirational style book that includes famous quotes or sayings that go along with each theme of the Scout Law and/or Scout Oath, and (this is where Todd needs your help) stories from adults who went through Scouting and who have applied the principles of the Scout Law and Oath to their life.”

If you have any stories to share with him, please visit www.ascoutis.com and download the form online or to view sample stories. Please have the questionnaire back to Todd before June 30th , 2009.

Todd is also the author of “Out of the Box and Loving it”, and co-author of “The Values Driven Life”. Todd also has many contributions in Orlando’s Magic VP, Pat Williams’ book, “Coaching your kids to be Leaders”.

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Words to Live By

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Words to Live By Marketing Campaign

Posted on 31 January 2009 by Dan

If you’ve checked out, Chief Seattle Council or Greater New York Councils websites lately you’ve seen an emphasis on “words to live by”.

Words to Live ByFor those unfamiliar with this campaign the “words to live by” are the Scout Law, Trustworthy, Loyal, Helpful, Friendly, Courteous, Kind Obedient, Cheerful, Thrifty, Brave, Clean, Reverent.

Be Prepared to see those words in new places. According to the National Council Website, a new national recruitment campaign in coming.

A new national recruitment campaign is coming, and it will motivate more young people to join Scouting. It will energize your staff and volunteers, parents, and kids. Our new campaign will give you the right tools to find and create tomorrow’s leaders.

You can check it out at http://scouting.org/wordstoliveby/

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Friday Funny: Scout Oath Coin Fail!

Posted on 23 January 2009 by Dan

Welcome to Friday Funny! Every Friday, Scouting News will share a Scouting related joke with our readers. Hopefully you find it just as funny as we did!

I finally figured out why some Scouts have a problem keeping the Scout Oath and Scout Law straight. I’m sure we have all seen a veteran Scout, possible even at their Eagle Scout Court of Honor stand up to recite the Scout Oath and instead say “A Scout is…” It always causes an awkward pause and then normally solicits some chuckles after the event.

**Breaking News**

Its not their fault! They are victims! I’m sure they were lead astray by the “Oval Scout Oath Coin” being sold by National Supply. See the coins description (see image in case they fix the website)
Scout Oath Coin Description Fail

1. I understand that it was a mistake in the description.
2. I notified National Supply Group of the mistake.

Do you have a Scouting related joke? Would you like to see it featured on a future Friday Funny? If so please use the contact us page to send it to us. If you include your Unit and / or website address it will be included with the joke.

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