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Scouting for Adventure Season Two

Posted on 11 July 2009 by Dan

scouting-for-adventureCoinciding with the upcoming 100th anniversary of the Boy Scouts of America (BSA), this July marks the return of all-new episodes of the hit show, Scouting for Adventure; an original series based on the BSA and their flagship magazine, Boys’ Life. This high-adventure show targets young outdoorsmen, teaching wilderness skills with an emphasis on safety and team-building.

In the show’s second year, Scouting for Adventure promises to continue the tradition of top-notch television production, shot in high-definition that motivates, educates and inspires both young and young-at-heart. Each action-packed episode features short segments that pertain to all aspects of Scouting such as merit badges, oaths, safety, gear and knots. Whether it’s learning how to properly tie a square knot at Creighton Island, Georgia or emphasizing the importance of beach conservation (utilizing the BSA’s Leave No Trace program) in Catalina Island, California, each episode of Scouting for Adventure offers practical advice for all past, present and future scouts.

Season Two Episodes include:

Episode 1 – ‘Northern Tier – Dog Sledding’
The adventure begins! Scouts voyage to the high-adventure camp known as Northern Tier, near Ely, MN. From dog sledding to skiing to cold weather cooking, this trip offers some of the best snow conditions and terrain for winter and wilderness survival camping in North America.

Episode 2 – ‘Winter Survival’
The journey continues from the Northern Tier High Adventure Program in Minnesota. Scouts learn cold weather camping skills while snow shoeing their way to camp. Ice-fishing for food and sleeping in snow caves are only part of what it takes to be prepared to survive the toughest winter wilderness conditions.

Episode 3 – ‘Georgia’s Coastal Marsh’
Kayaking Georgia’s coastal marsh is a stealthy way to explore oceanography. Traveling under their own power, scouts learn to plot their course based on tides as they work their way out to Creighton Island. A night out under the bright stars provides an exciting lesson in astronomy.

Episode 4 – ‘California Camporee’
Scouting for Adventure changes gears a bit this week as scout skills, leadership and spirit are on display at Camporee. Scouts are judged on up to 11 field events, including Animal Tracking, Fire Building, Scout Jeopardy and the Obstacle Course – all taking place at Castaic Lake in Southern California.

Episode 5 – ‘Nevada Cattle Ranch’
A high-altitude adventure awaits in the mountains of Nevada. Scouts get a first hand look at a working cattle ranch and learn skills like horsemanship, cattle roping and trail riding – culminating with an horseback trek and a night spent high in the mountains and under the stars.

Episode 6 – ‘Emerald Bay Ocean Canoe’
Scouting for Adventure travels to Catalina Island for the first of a Camp Emerald Bay trifecta. This week, Scouts embark on a canoe trip – but not just a paddle around the pond; a 10-mile voyage across the open ocean, learning how to stay safe and work together along the way. A secluded beach with prime snorkeling awaits their arrival, and a campout just feet from the Pacific.

Episode 7 – ‘Emerald Bay Mountain Bike’
In the second installment from Camp Emerald Bay, Scouts pack-up their sleeping bags, strap-on their helmets and take off on mountain bikes across Catalina Island. Their adventure will take them up lung-burning climbs and down hair-whipping descents, with tips and lessons learned along the way. We’ll also see there is a lot more going on in camp with a trip to the shooting range.

Episode 8 – ‘Emerald Bay SCUBA’
This week, we don’t go over or around the Pacific…we go IN it! Scouts at Camp Emerald Bay scuba-dive in the dense kelp forests and among abundant marine life that these beautiful waters hold. An extra element is added to this already heart-pounding venture as a night dive is on-tap for the scouts. Emerald Bay is an adventure’s oasis, with endless activities and excitement at every turn.

Catch Scouting for Adventure on the Outdoor Channel. You can learn more, see photos, and preview videos at:

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Caption Contest Winner Announced!

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Caption Contest Winner Announced!

Posted on 21 December 2008 by Dan

There were 14 great entries to the first Scouting News Caption Contest.

The task at hand was to provide a caption for this photo:

After the contest closed yesterday, I worked to narrow down the entries to one winning entry. I’ll be honest, it was a lot harder than I had expected, and I probably won’t hold another caption contest unless I can get someone else to judge it ; )

It came down to Ivan’s “Just a minute ago they let Den leader Bob know that committee was looking for a new Cubmaster.” and Steve’s “This was not what I had in mind when I was asked to run the meeting“.

In the end I only have one Scouting for Adventure Season One Dvd prize to give away so I had to pick one. I thought about flipping a coin or picking a random number, but in the end it came to my love of puns.

So the winner is Steve’s “This was not what I had in mind when I was asked to run the meeting“. Congratulations to Steve and to all the other entrants!

On a side note if anyone knows the individual in the picture or more of the story behind it please contact us. I’d like to do an interview with the Boston Marathon Cub Scout Leader!

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Contest: Caption This Photo!

Posted on 15 December 2008 by Dan

After the Scouting News We Are Americans, We Are Scouts Book contest was deemed a success, a few folks have asked for another one. Since its the holiday season and everyone is in a giving mood, why not?

We will be giving away a Scouting for Adventure Season One DVD!

This time around work is required to enter! In order to enter this Scouting News Contest you will have to provide a funny caption to this photo. Please read the rules below, and enter your caption in this posts comments. All captions must be entered as comments by 11:59pm CST on December 20th, 2008. Please remember some comments are moderated, your entry will appear after the moderator approves it.

A few rules: You may enter more than once. Caption must be left as a comment on this post. A valid email address (will not be made public) must be entered so we can contact the winner. Winning caption will be selected by the the staff of Scouting News (ie. Dan). The results are final. We are not responsible for technological problems that may occur. Captions must be Scout appropriate, entries that are deemed inappropriate will be deleted and will not be entered into consideration for the prize. Winner will be emailed and announced on December 21st, 2008.

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Season One of ‘Scouting for Adventure’ on DVD Now

Posted on 01 December 2008 by Dan

You may remember hearing back in May that Boys Life and the Outdoor Channel were teaming together to produce Scouting for Adventure.

Scouting for Adventure is an original series based on the Boy Scouts of America and their flagship magazine, Boys’ Life. This high-adventure show targets young outdoorsmen, teaching wilderness skills with an emphasis on safety and team-building. Episodes feature exciting activities like rock climbing, kayaking, scuba diving, ropes courses, backpacking, horse riding, canoeing, and whitewater rafting; and cover important outdoor Scouting topics, including safety tips, gear reviews, merit badges, conservation, campfire cooking, and knot tying. The show promotes awareness of the Boy Scouts of America and its Scouting values and activities.

If you weren’t able to catch “Scouting for Adventure” on the Outdoor Channel you are in luck! Boy’s Life is selling DVDs of Season One.

Season one consists of 6 – 30 minute episodes, and the DVDs are being sold for $14.95. (If you purchase 10 or more they are just $10 each).

Find out more, or order online at:

If you haven’t seen the show yet, you can check out the graphic opening of the show online!

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