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Scouts Support Food Bank

Posted on 21 April 2012 by ScoutingNewsStaff

After the holidays food banks around the country see  a shortage of food as the holiday cheer and helping spirit seems to take back burner to springtime activities. Not for Scouts around Flint, Michigan. They’ve collected over 40,000 pounds of food in their 26th annual Scouting for Food drive. Scouts in Utah have collected over 1 million pounds of food to help their neighbors. How many pounds have your area Scouts collected?

Call your local food bank and see if there is a way to integrate Scouting for Food into your program to help re-stock their shelves.

Source: mLive, Fox 13

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Greater St. Louis Area Council 2008 Scouting for Food

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Greater St. Louis Area Council Collected 2.2 million Cans of Food

Posted on 26 November 2008 by Dan

More than 30,000 Cub Scouts, Boy Scouts and Venturers helped feed the hungry on Saturday, November 22nd, as they collected 2.2 million cans of food during the 2008 Scouting for Food drive. The collection was 6 percent larger than last year’s drive. The collection was only 20,000 cans less than the all-time high set in 2004. The Greater St. Louis Area Council, Boy Scouts of America, collected more than 37 million cans of food during the 24-year history of the drive.

After distributing nearly one million bags last weekend, on Saturday the Scouts returned to those same areas to collect canned goods and other non-perishables. Scouts in the St. Louis area took the donations to area fire stations where Scout leaders sorted and boxed the food.

Sunset Transportation, Inc. of Sunset Hills provided vehicles, equipment, volunteer drivers and solicited the assistance of additional volunteers from trucking companies. Sunset Transportation coordinated all logistics for the food collection, which involved transporting boxed food from more than 40 area fire stations to the St. Louis Area Food Bank. The Food Bank will distribute the canned goods to more than 400 area food pantries throughout eastern Missouri and southwest Illinois.

“Our Scouts and leaders today were overwhelmed by the community’s generous response to Scouting for Food,” said John M. Primrose, Scout Executive and Chief Executive Officer of the Greater St. Louis Area Council.

“Pantries experienced an increased demand for food assistance during the last few months. Families needing nutritional assistance during the coming winter months will have adequate food because of the generosity of our communities and the hard work of our Scouts and leaders.”

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Blog Action Day: Poverty

Posted on 15 October 2008 by Dan

I’m taking a little editorial break to participate in Blog Action Day. Normally I would have put together a more detailed post, however I forgot about this annual event until this afternoon when I received a reminder from a colleague.

The topic of this year’s Blog Action Day is Poverty.

As a Social Worker I have worked with many kids and families that lived well below the “poverty level”, I’ve struggled to find a mental health professional who would treat a teenager because their was no private insurance to bill. I’ve called friends, colleagues, businesses, trying to find a bed for a high schooler who gave up his when his younger brothers moved back home. I’ve bought a meal for a kid who hadn’t had breakfast or lunch, and probably wasn’t going to get dinner that day.

As a Soldier I have seen “third world” poverty that opened my eyes to the global issues of poverty. I used to see the commercials on tv asking for my meager donation to “sponsor a child” but didn’t internalize the images I was seeing. After seeing it with my own eyes its hard to understand how people can live in such conditions. No clean water, barely any food, mud buildings…

What can we as Scouts and Scouters do?
The most important thing we can do is make sure future generations understand that this is a problem that needs attention. Think about these examples:

1. Participate in Scouting For Food. Maybe your unit can work a little harder and expand your area by a couple of blocks to collect more food. You could make sure to get local media attention so more people know about the food drive. Instead of just collecting door to door you could add barrels at local grocery stores.

2. Older Scouts and Venturing Crews can serve a meal at a Soup Kitchen. Most of the time meal sites rely on volunteer labor to prepare, serve, and clean up for each meal served. See what the restrictions are and see how you can sign up.

3. Talk to your Council about volunteering with the ScoutReach program. In urban areas these groups usually meet after school with the help of a paid facilitator. Scouts and Leaders are normally welcome to come in and help teach a skill or run activities.

4. Participate in a school supply drive or coat drive or clothing drive, etc.

This is obviously just a few simple ideas. Think outside of the box, come up with your own. Poverty is an issue we should all care about.

Whatever you do, make sure the Scouts involved see the benefit of their work! Often this is where there is a disconnect. Yes, kids love putting spare change in the red kettles with the bell ringers, but how many kids know what that money is used for? Yes, we put some food in a barrel but where does that food go? Who does it help?

I think a Cub Scout parent did a great job of documenting this concept in his blog post titled: “Poverty Close to Home – Blog Action Day 2008“. I’d encourage you to read the whole post but here is a snippet:

We brought items for the collection, because it was the “right” thing to do. To help out in this season of thanksgiving. To give and then move on to happier thoughts.

For our small group within the Cub Scout Pack, though, we were charged with delivering these collected items to the Repairers of the Breach. Would it be “safe” to take a few 3rd graders to a shelter in downtown Milwaukee? Away from the safety of our suburban neighborhood?

After much discussion, both with parents, and with the “Repairers” organization – we decided we would take a group of parents and kids to the shelter to deliver the items we had.

It was an experience I’ll never forget.

Read the whole post: Poverty Close to Home – Blog Action Day 2008

What can you do to make a difference in the fight against poverty?

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