The Humanists of Florida Association Opposes Boy Scout Policy

Ellenton FL – The Humanists of Florida Association passed a resolution on March 17th 2002 opposing the policy adopted by the Boy Scouts of America on Feb 6th, 2002 that prohibits gay and atheist youths from participating in the scouting program. “It is clear that this new policy is being fueled by religious extremists who are using the Boy Scouts of America as a platform to impose their religiously guided morality,” said Jennifer Hancock, Executive Director of the Humanists of Florida Association. “We will support any effort to change the current policies of the Boy Scouts of America to include all youth as was originally intended.”

The Boy Scouts of America was founded in 1910 and chartered by Congress in 1916 to provide an educational program for boys and young adults to build character, train in the responsibilities of participatory citizenship, and to develop personal fitness. “We feel very strongly that since the mission of the Boy Scouts of America is secular they should determine membership according to criteria that is secular,” said Jennifer Hancock. “The Boy Scouts of America has a lot to offer the youth of America. I myself was a Sea Explorer and learned a lot from my experience. It saddens me that such a wonderful organization could be so corrupted by a small group of religious extremists.”

Since the Humanists of Florida Association passed this resolution last month, word has spread rapidly through the Internet about this new policy. According to Jennifer Hancock, “I have been fielding about 10 emails a day from all over the country thanking us for taking this action.” The full text of the resolution is available at:

The Humanists of Florida Association is a statewide association of groups and individuals that affirm the Humanist worldview. Humanism is a philosophy of life motivated by compassion and guided by reason. Humanists assert that science and reason provide the best basis for understanding the world around us; and believe that moral values are properly founded on human empathy & experience. The Humanists of Florida Association works to promote Humanism, and to promote the use of reason and compassion in the solving of Human problems.

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