Trail to Eagle Scout App

Following the great theme of great Scout Apps hitting the market lately, another is rolling out.

Trail to Eagle  is a Boy Scout reference for your smartphone available on iOS, Android, and Windows Phone 7.  With the Trail to Eagle a Scout can quickly look up the Scout Oath or Promise, Scout Law, Scout Motto, Scout Slogan, or Outdoor Code. They can track their progress along their trail to Eagle, including all ranks; Scout, Tenderfoot, Second Class, First Class, Star, Life, Eagle are available. Scouts can also review merit badge requirements.

After test driving Trail to Eagle, the features are easy to use. The Merit Badge requirements are easy to access and rather complete, however the new Welding MB is not listed. Tracking progress is accomplished by checking boxes next to the requirements. Having the ability to type in completed merit badges for each rank would enhance the functionality.

About the Developer

Peter is an Assistant Scoutmaster with Troop 10 in Augusta, GA. He’s a software developer by trade and had been interested in developing an application for Android and iOS but could never find anything too motivating. One day he noticed that mis son and other boys carried  smartphones more often than their Scoutbooks which made him think that it would be much easier to get the Scouting materials infront of the boys if he put it on their smartphones. Trail2Eagle was born. Improvements are in the works including adding a social/achievement part to the Scout app by integrating it with Facebook and/or Twitter.
The great thing about Peter’s pursuits into the now broad field of Scout apps is the technology he used to build Trail2Eagle. His podcast about the technology can be found on He plans on doing a series of blog posts with more detail.
ScoutingNews would also like to thank Peter and Trail to Eagle for being a sponsor of this website. His support in bringing great news about the Scouting movement is greatly appreciated!

Download Trail to Eagle for Android.

Download Trail To Eagle for iPhone.

Download Trail To Eagle for iPad.

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