Update to Campfire Songs Scout App

Dan from ScoutApps.net would like to announce an update for the Campfire Songs Scout app on the iOS. Dan’s also the creator of Helleniechsin featured here last month.

New in Version 1.3

20 new songs (some submitted by Megan and by Ginger Mikulich-Lapsansky) bringing the total up to 170 songs!
Another round of cleanup on the song book, with improvements in lyrics and in the names of the tunes to which they are sung.
The biggest new feature, has also been one of the most requested features for this Scout app.  Tune playback under iOS 5.  Currently there are only a limited selection of songs. It’s using Midi files to keep the size down.  So the tune is very basic, however the feature is intended to help learn new songs and not to groove on while driving.
Don’t worry if you don’t have an iThing, Dan’s working on an Android version.

Download  Campfire Songs for iPhone, or Campfire Songs for iPad today!


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