Words of Wisdom Wednesday: Courteous

The Words of Wisdom Wednesday series is composed of anecdotal segments to inspire and supplement a Scout’s personal development, building core values and moral character.








“A Scout is courteous.” – Sir Robert Baden-Powell

This week we focus on how to be courteous to others.  For most of us, we learn courtesy at home and at school when we are young.  We practice being courteous every day.  And as we grow up, we do not think of being courteous as a chore or among the list of things to do on a daily basis.  It becomes a part of us.

Being courteous is simple, but has a positive effect on others.  For example, you are being courteous when you properly greet someone.  Using titles such as, “Mister”, “Misses”, or “Miss”, is a form of courtesy and respect.  The practice of opening the door for others is another form of courtesy.  Can you identify other forms of courtesy?

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