Words of Wisdom Wednesday: Trustworthy

“A Scout’s honor is to be trusted. If he were to violate his honor by telling a lie, or by cheating, or by not doing exactly a given task, when trusted on his honor to do so, he may be directed to hand over his scout badge.” -Sir Robert Baden-Powell

In the next few weeks, we will examine the Scout Law. This week, we focus on “Trustworthy”.

What does it mean to be trustworthy? Think back to one of your Scout events when you were told to do something by your Scout leader. Did you do it? Or you told someone else to do something. Did s/he do it?

Whether we consciously know it or not, trust guides our actions everyday, and our successes depends on trust. Without trust, we fail as a leader. To trust others means that we have to give up control. Our Scout Law begins with “Trustworthy” because it sets the tone for and applies to everything else down the list.

Sometimes we take trust for granted. We tell others to do things and we forget that they have the power to choose whether or not to do it. Conversely, we are told to do something and we also forget that the person telling us to do something trusts us to do it.

So really, trust is reciprocal. Without trust, there is no leadership.

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