Youth Protection for All

The Detroit Area Council, Boy Scouts of America has great concern for the well-being of all children. “It is important to protect our children from abuse,” said John Primrose, Scout Executive and CEO of the Detroit Area Council, “that is why we felt it was important to make Youth Protection Training available online for all to use. Education about youth protection, along with some simple preventative steps can make a lot of difference in the protection of all youth.”

In support of the continued efforts to offer training to as many people as possible and to support the Boy Scouts requirement of having at least one youth protection-trained adult per unit (i.e. troop, pack, team, etc.), a 30-minute Internet version of The Youth Protection Training has been developed.

“The Youth Protection Guidelines for Adults Leaders and Parents” is available online on the Detroit Area Council website: Upon completion of the online training, the adult participant will receive a letter from the Scout Executive, the Detroit Area Council Child Abuse reporting requirements; and a course information handout. Those completing the online training who are registered adult Scouters, will receive everything plus a certificate of completion that is necessary to verify they have been trained as required. Absolutely any adult can and is qualified to take this training.

“I can’t imagine that now this is available to everyone, that if they hear about it, they will definitely take the training,” said Primrose. “It’s great, they can do it at three in the morning, if they like, in the privacy of their home. If they are interrupted, they can start over some other time.”

The Youth Protection Program was developed in 1988 to help safeguard both youth and adult members in the Scouting program. Resources that have been available are: 1. Video tapes designed for specific age groups that discuss safety rules and what a child should do when caught in an abusive or tentative situation. 2. “How to Protect Your Children from Child Abuse” is a pullout pamphlet in front of each youth and adult handbook. 3. Comprehensive Youth Protection Training for all leaders and parents.

It is easy for the public to use and be trained! All of the BSA’s youth protection videos are generic. In other words, the presentations and actors in dramatizations make no reference to Scouting and actors are in civilian clothes, not BSA uniforms. And being generic, the training can be used by all parents, teachers, youth agencies, schools and faith organizations.

For the past 15 years, the BSA has been a leader in developing youth protection training for educating our leaders and youth, while creating barriers that squelches the likelihood of abuse. As the training reminds us, too, abuse isn’t just sexual…it can be physical, emotional or neglect. Primrose reminds us, “We must be vigilant about any abuse.”

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